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Patterned Guitar Stand For 2x Acoustic Guitars

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Patterned Guitar Stand for 2x Acoustic Guitars

✅ 1x Multi Guitar Stand
✅ Stores up to 2 Acoustic Guitars
✅ Made from Quality Natural Birch Ply
✅ Sturdy Construction
✅ Hand Made in the UK
✅ Easy to move around
✅ Shipped flat pack for easy handling

Please note:
Acoustic Guitar Slot holds up to maximum body depth 900mm

Made by Hand in the UK, these sturdy, but light-weight Multiple Guitar Stands, allow you to store your guitars safely in a cool way, that allows you to see the front of your guitars and also, save floor space. The stands can be moved around easily, for example if you are recording with acoustic or electric, then the stand can be moved closer to your workspace

In a line, they make a great display and are also ideal for an alcove, in a corner. Unlike most guitar stands or racks, you can see your guitars from the front. These sturdy display stands come flat packed, are easy and quick to assemble.

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